Blended Cuties VS Curly Q

Stinalee1120Stinalee1120 Registered Users Posts: 67 Curl Novice daughter is a 4a/3c. currently we are using products from (It's a Curl Shampoo and Curly Q Custard. They have been working ok when i first use them, but during the day her hair dries too stiff/hard for me. i was looking for a product to soften her hair/dry softer. i was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Blended cutie products...i was considering buying a sample of the products and deciding from there, but i just wanted a little info from someone who's child had a similar hair type to my daughter and could help me out...or if someone has any experiece with ANOTHER product that softened their child's hair without drying would be greatly appreciated!!!!


  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212
    i've only tried the adult lines from curls and blended beauty and i must say, my 3c curls were not a fan of the curls products. one product i did like from blended beauty was their curl styling butter. it was like a moisturizer and curl definer all in one that left me with a soft hold. i think the kids version is called down and out.
  • Stinalee1120Stinalee1120 Registered Users Posts: 67 Curl Novice
    Yay a reply!!!!! Well the down and out i understand is one of the sample products i was going to try out. The lady on the beadsbraidsbeyond blogspot tried that one her daughter's hair who is similar to my daughter's and worked for her. Its just hard to find the right product
  • Stinalee1120Stinalee1120 Registered Users Posts: 67 Curl Novice
    Well i just went ahead and order the samples from Blended Beauty. Loved them, esp the Cake Shake. My daughter's hair definitely loves this line more...
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    Hello there,

    My 6 1/2 year old has mainly 3c hair, 3b at the nape and there might be the odd 4a in the middle. I haven't tried blended beauty, but we started using Curly Q's coconut conditioner this week along with Mixed Chicks shampoo and leave in conditioner, I have to say I was under whelmed by the results. I always do two strand twists when the hair is wet and I took them out the following in day, my daugther's hair was dull with average curls. Today (3 days after washing) she has S shaped curls at the front, spirals at the back and some of her hair is straight at the sides (which is quite normal for her). If blended beauties works over a longer period please let us all know.
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    I have used both on my 3 year old and her curls did not like it. She has 4a hair. Right now we use Paula Choice. You can find it here
    Smooth Finish Conditioner - Body & Hair Care: Paula's Choice Skin Care & Cosmetics
    It works great on both my girls curls and they have different types.
    Miss E turning 2 in a month

    Miss I - 4 years old
  • Stinalee1120Stinalee1120 Registered Users Posts: 67 Curl Novice
    Well so far ive used the silky swirls shampoo, conditioner, curly cake shake, down and out styles, soft curls and swirls, and jelly cream. The shampoo and conditioner are great and her hair loves the cake shake and jelly cream. Down and out was a bit too heavy and soft curls was too light...but they gave great definition and hold. Jelly cream is silkier and has more hold and definition. Also her hair still looks good if we dont wrap it overnight. Since ive used the bc products her hair has been more tamed, moisturized, and shiny. Flyaways r finally minimized. Im very satisfied.
  • Stinalee1120Stinalee1120 Registered Users Posts: 67 Curl Novice
    And that paulas choice looks like something my husband would benefit frm since he has dry scalp problems that run in the family.

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