Please Tell Me it'll Go back to Normal!

au naturale27au naturale27 Posts: 6Registered Users
i've been transitioning about a year now. and lately i've been puttin a lot of heat on my hair. i'm now going back to only putting heat on it atleast once a month again, but i've noticed that my curls aren't as tight & coiled as they were before. if i take care of it more & condition it with out heat, will it go back to its natural state? or am i stuck with limp curls forever? :(


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    it only takes one time for heat damage! if you constantly you have heat then curls are going to be loose.
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    Awww :(

    Allme is right. I attempted to straighten my hair ONCE, luckily I started at the nape of my neck, but the curls NEVER returned. I tried everything, then I finally had to cut the damaged part off. This is why I will never straighten my hair again, I'm too scared. So if I want straight hair...I weave it up! lol
  • au naturale27au naturale27 Posts: 6Registered Users
    thanks ,
    ugh, im so hurt i feel like crying. i've been transitioning with LONG relaxed ends for a year now, been through hell & back, now it feels like all my hard work has gone down the drain. :'(
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    Try a heavy protein treatment, that might help, like Aphogee. This is also why I am too scared to straighten. I spend WAY too much time caring for my Izzy.
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