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Hey there, I'm new to this site though not completely new to the CG routine. I've been trying the no-poo method for a month or so now, though with no great improvement in my hair. I've been a bit lax about checking for cones though (which I found in one of my conditioners five minutes ago and promptly chucked it out!). The problem I have is that I'm on St Helena Island in the middle of the South Atlantic until December and there is a massive limitation on the hair products I can get here.

I've been washing my hair with a mixture of vinegar and conditioner, then conditioner by itself - is this a bad plan? Over-conditioning, perhaps? I used to use far too many products and so I'm trying to cut down on that. Anyway, are there any basic and simple routines anyone can suggest that don't involve all the lovely products I can't buy here?!


  • SkyegalSkyegal Registered Users Posts: 7
    I must add that I've just had a scout around my room and realised that most of the products in there have cones - yikes! No wonder my hair is a mess, as I've been doing it all wrong. At least I know better now :D

    With this in mind, I probably need to clarify my hair before starting properly - does the baking powder/vinegar treatment achieve this properly?
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    Baking soda and a vinegar rinse won't remove silicones. You need a low-poo or sulfate shampoo to get those out.

    Using vinegar too often can be drying. I think it's recommended for only once or twice a month; maybe a little more often in the summer if you're very porous.

    If you're having trouble finding products, maybe switch to a low-poo routine until you move? Eliminating sulfates will help a LOT with making the curls healthier, as does technique when applying products. If you use a low-poo, you should still be able to use products with silicones in them without worrying about build-up issues. Just an idea.
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    Thanks Jenn. I did actually manage to round up the things I needed and did a last sulfate wash yesterday, plus a homemade DC (recipe from this wonderful site :D). My hair, sadly, while very moisturised, is limp and stringy. I've just been reading the Spritz and Condish thread and perhaps need to be using this method. I'm still trying to figure out my hair type but I'm fairly convinced it's porous.

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