Anyone with perfect hair out the door and poof at the end of the day?

VenesKatVenesKat Posts: 4Registered Users
Just wondering who else cause I take a shower in the morning, style my hair then leave for school then when I come back my hair is all wild! :[ Especially after PE when i run (Cause where i live most schools dont have gyms for PE only for sports like volleyball and basket ball so we're outside!)

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  • carlyisapiratecarlyisapirate Posts: 59Registered Users
    UGH! Yesterday morning I took a shower and my hair looked fairly nice. Then in the afternoon, I went to the mall with my friend and on the way there, she was driving with the windows down and it messed up my hair...badly. Such a bad feeling. The weather also messes up my hair :(
  • alaskantsunamialaskantsunami Posts: 421Registered Users
    I just use really great mousse and leave in, and for the most part it stays the same. I gain some volume throughout the day, but it doesn't poof or frizz usually.
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  • curlycue3curlycue3 Posts: 36Registered Users
    Everyday I style my hair just perfectly but when i get home i realize i look like a hot mess! I think its because my hair is always a bit wet when i leave and curls always look better wet (in my opinion).
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  • ninja_stefninja_stef Posts: 42Registered Users
    That's EXACTLY how my hair would be when I flat ironed it everyday. It would just *poof* as soon as I left the house.

    But now that I'm wearing it curly it behaves better throughout the day. The only time it gets out of hand is when I'm outside from like 1 to 3 for marching band practice! And that's only from moving around and dancing so much.
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  • coolcurlyfrycoolcurlyfry Posts: 21Registered Users
    definitely! that happens to me too! i would reccomend keeping hair ties or scrunchies in your locker so if you have something where ur moving around a lot (P.E.!) you can throw it up in an easy pony or bun.
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    sometimes a few random things from my bathroom drawer lol
  • paigerobin2012paigerobin2012 Posts: 24Registered Users
    Omggggg ME!!! In The Morning My Hair Is Frizz Free And It Doesnt Look Ugly or anything buth when i get home I Look like a lion out of the lion king and i dont notice it while i am at school which is sad because HOW COULD I NOT!
  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    Yes! This used to happen to me all the time! It wasn't happening very much before, but I quit using products and just use leave-in so now if it is really humid outside them my hair turns into a poof ball! Karazyness!!! haha

    The other night I was experimenting with my hair and I didn't put any product in, and it was looking awesome! I loved it, but then everyone decided to go outside (it was really humid) and when I came back in POOF!!! It wasn't very nice!! I agree with CoolCurlyFry, I do that a lot... always try to make sure I have something with me to put my hair up in. Plus I have 5 sisters, so they usually have something if I don't haha
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  • AddisonsLionsManeAddisonsLionsMane Posts: 17Registered Users
    YES. That happens ALL the timee(:
    I walk out the doooor with nice, non-frizzy hair,, and when I walk in, it looks like I got dragged through a BUSH. :((
    Hay hay hay(: I'm a 13 year old girl in 8th grade!! I suffer from frizzy hair of EPIC PORPORTIONS(:

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  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Posts: 1,354Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    yea i no the feeling, although i finished school, n just started looking after my hair, i can style it in the mornin n im loven it, then in the avo it looks so..... ba!!! big fizzy icky mess :(

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  • SquigglesSquiggles Posts: 21Registered Users
    i don't know what i do at school. i leave the house with damp decent hair... then when i arrive home and look in the mirror :afro: PPOOOOFF. when its windy and my hairs down its especially bad. i have a ton of short frizzy bits that like to wave at people, on the top of my head. the annoying part is that no-one seems to mention to me that my hair has grown into a poof. i think they all just assume that im the girl with the curly frizzy hair and that i probably know about my hair's"expansion/growth" over the course of the day. :blob:
  • AriodanteAriodante Posts: 19Registered Users
    After about an hour my hair gets all scraggly and gross. Not to mention frizzy!
    It's infuriating!
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  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    ^ Off the subject I know....But I saw your (Ariodante) hair twin is Kiera Knightly...I'm so jealous!
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  • Curlgurl515Curlgurl515 Posts: 83Registered Users
    OMG! I can totally relate to that! After gym my hair poofs up, and the curls don't lay as nice!!!
  • itsiliiiitsiliii Posts: 340Registered Users
    I'm usually lucky enough to not get much change in my hair at all during the day, but if I end up on the beach later on or it suddenly gets really cold at night my hair responds by getting this nice fuzz along the canopy XD SO ANNOYING a kitty cat...and i dance dance dance :blob7:
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  • jcfrizzlejcfrizzle Posts: 90Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I too, love my hair when I walk out the door. As the day progresses, my hair poofs out like crazy! With the help of a head band and a few bobby pins, I make a pulled back afro look. Everyone loves it, and no one realizes that I'm salvaging my hair!!!

    If you want a product that helps with frizz and keeping moisture, look for products with humectants! I happen to love Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade, just don't use too much! If I don't have my pomade, I go with the headband afro!
    Love my auburn 3b/3c curls!! Favorite products are Treseme Naturals conditioner and DevaCare ArcAngel(<---miracle for definition!) I really just want to GROW MY HAIR OUT!! It's not really working...
  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    This just happened to me the other day at a wedding. I was sooo upset!
    <3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
  • RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
    Ugh do I ever. My hair won't necessarily poof but it will get very dry which results in frizzy hair. Which is why I wear it straightened usualy

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