Deva, Ouidad, or Curly Hair Institute cut for 3c hair

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Hi everyone!

I'm feeling like I want a hair cut, but like many curlies i'm scared that my hair might get butchered. I live in Toronto. My hair is 3c, neither too thick nor extreamly thin. When wet, it's down to my waist, when dry, is about 2 inches below my shoulders. It's currently all one long length, and I feel like variations in length would give it some nice texture.

With the above in mind, which salon's cutting technique would be best?

I've been to Johnathan Torch's salon before. They did a good job making my hair look neat and tidy, but didn't do a whole lot as far as style goes. Even looking at the pictures on their site, most of the models have lovely long ringlets, but they're mostly only one length except for some face framing strands. Having said that, I do trust this salon, as they've helped change my hair from frizz to defined curls.

Then there are the Curl Ambassadors who I hear are trained to give a dry deva cut. The deva cut technique seems like it can result in some nice shape and dimension. But many examples I've seen seem to result in shorter hair that has A LOT of body. Body is good, but I don't want to end up with chin length, poofy hair.

Lastly, there's Prisma Hair Designs, who have stylists trained to perform a Ouidad cut. I've seen Ouidad cuts that have a nice layered look. But the carve and slice technique seems like it's meant to thin out very thick hair, which isn't something I need.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    I have had a Ouidad cut and a Deva cut. The Ouidad cut was first. But after a while, I found that it thinned my hair too much and made it LESS manageable. My hair also started to look curlier after a while, due to the thinning, which I didn't like. I have to say though that I was MUCH happer with the Ouidad cuts I got at the salon in NYC. I went to a Ouidad certified stylist for my last cut in NoVa, and I was NOT happy with it at all. It just wasn't as well done and after that I was really unhappy with my hair and got a Japanese TR not long afterwards.

    I recently got a Deva cut after transitioning from a Japanese TR and I think it is overall a better cut. I got it from a Deva certified stylist. There were certain elements of the cut I wasn't happy with but that was due to the stylist. The cut itself does not thin your hair at all and leaves the strands in each curl all the same length, which I found decreases knotting and makes the hair easier to care for.
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    I had a Quidad cut from the Santa Monica, CA salon in June. I really don't have any complaints about the cut. I know that my hair doesn't like all the products. My hair looks great for the first few hours then it was frizz city.I think it is because of the proteins. I think I am protein sensitive.

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