3B Savannah girl in need of stylist....

CorvusCorvus Posts: 1Registered Users
I'm a 3B girl in Savannah GA who has never really had a "real" haircut. The most I've ever done was trim the ends as most people around me don't know how to handle it. I have the curliest hair out of the women in my family so I'm kind of the science experiment for frizz free products and the like. Some friends have told me about the Ulta salon but nobody has my level of curl so I'm hesitant. It's time for me to look more professional and I think a good step would be a manicured hair style. Any Savannah girls know of a good place to go? I'm also working on this super high humidity attacking my frizz thing (and I've lived in GA my entire life) but I hate the crunchy gel and muss styles. *sigh* What's a Georgia girl gotta do around here to get friendlier hair. :)


  • CurlyToastCurlyToast Posts: 579Registered Users
    Go see Nicole at Salon Della Vita -- she is AMAZING. Not a curl-specific stylist but I pine daily for her awesome cuts.

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