Straight Hair/Curly Hair Dilema

I'm torn. I've worn my hair naturally curly (4A) for about six years now. Last week I went in and got my hair pressed with a flat iron--but maintaining it has been a nightmare.

But what's my alternative? I've been wearing my hair in twists, and just this past year braids and I'm sick of it! I can't find new styles to save my life. Just about every suggestion for hair styles I've seen is what I've already tried.

What should I do with my hair ?! I want something fresh--but I don't want to permanently change my hair in the process.



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    I have some questions for you: 1) Have you ever tried to let your curls/coils do their "thing"? 2) How do you take care of your hair (routine and products)? 3) Have you visited the "Transitioning" and 4A, 4B forums? I'm sure there are many others with your type of hair (or similar) who would be more than willing to offer you support and help.

    In the meantime, here's a good site with lots of advice: /home/leaving?" class="Popup
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    In reply to your questions:

    1) I would NEVER let my hair do its own thing. By the time it dries it shrinks, but not only that it tangles. I might as well wash my hair over--or prepare to comb some of it out.

    2)I just wash my hair and grease it to take care of it. To be honest I've neglected it this semester to sewing projects that in themselves aren't going so well.

    3) No, I haven't visited the transitioning because I don't have any relaxer in my hair. It's all natural. I know how to manage my hair--I'm just looking for a different style.

    Thanks for the website.

    Anyone else have any advice?