My hair looks better without hair products! (Pics)

Hello everyone

I have not been on this website for a loong time, and I just realized the reason why. I am no longer regularly using hair products! I have used them everyday for about 6 years now, and while my hair would look good sporadically, it was just that: sporadic. Recently I have been doing nothing to my hair at all except for a lowpoo shampoo with a lush shampoo bar and a conditioner rinse with suave coconut. Does anyone have any idea why my hair curls better without product? Anyone else experience the same thing? I have included two pics, the first is my hair in I believe kccc a few months ago, and the second is of me a few days ago.


  • Fusilli66Fusilli66 Registered Users Posts: 296
    You have some beautiful hair and great curls. I wouldn't say it looks better without the hair products, its just a different look. I think your curls look more defined in the first picture (love the short cut!) and more wild and free in the second picture. They look great in both, but if you can get away with no product then go for it!

    I'm assuming that your hair is virgin hair - never been colored or relaxed or anything. I think that, combined with your youth, may be why you are able to get away with no product. Either way - great hair!
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    You have seriously fabulous hair. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    Your hair grows fast in only a few months!
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    pretty hair :-) it looks great both ways. I'm quite jealous that you can pull off a no-product routine :iconbiggrin:
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    Using soap bars to cleanse (rather then cowash) really helped tighten my curl, too. So, that may be part of the equation. I think your curl is more defined in the first picture and less "wild," as someone else mentioned.

    Do what works for you and gives you a look you like.
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    Guano -

    Come to think of it, I wish would add a section on soap bars. When people talk about soap bars I have only a vague idea of what folks are using. I wish there was a review section on soap bars and a list of product suggestions. Where do you get them? What brands do you look for? What ingredients do you look for for? Etc......

    @lydiap58 - I think your hair looks great either way! It just depends on what look you want on each particular day. Wild curly hair is okay in my book.
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  • parzyparzy Registered Users Posts: 246
    I have been going without product quite often too, although I am a wavy. I prefer the soft, free look going productless gives me!
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    I love it both ways, but I love it better wild and free :blob8:

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  • aymesmaymesm Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    I registered on this site to ask the same question! I have had really coarse, dry hair, that was always heat damaged and TBH just.. not nice. Anyways I went to my hairdresser for a trim after stopping heat-use and treating my hair better and she said my hair is in excellent shape and shouldn't be so dry. Last weekend, I went on vacation and accidentally left my hair products and brush home. My hair was AMAZING after I co-washed. I assumed it was the conditioner at the hotel or the city water (we are on well water), but nope. I went home, deep conditioned, and tried no products and my hair feels incredible, like it doesn't even feel or look like my hair! So yes, I am happy to say that no products work well for me. Your hair is stunning either way though.

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