Hi everyone im new need some advice and recs!

first of all let me describe my hair type: it is between wavy and curly...(looser curls now because I seriously need a good hair cut) its very dry and brittle, its quite fine but I have lots of it! it seems no matter what I do it still frizzes and is dry! it also tangles very easily

I hate the wet look and would like hair like shakira?

Any help or product recs,I live in UK so can't get certain brands!



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    I dont know of product reccomendations, but I can give some advice.

    Read the Curly girl book by Lorraine Massey.

    Find a good conditioner, perferably with little or no cones.
    Do deep conditioning treatments.

    Treat your hair like a delicate fabric.

    Avoid heat styling whenever possible.

    Experiement with a protein treatment, some people's hair likes it some don't be sure to follow with a deep treatment.

    Learn about what's in your products, I was shocked when I learned the very products I bought to help my hair, actually was making it worse.

    Read up on this board, there are alot of articles and posts, a wealth of information, you'll be a pro in no time
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    Oh man. When I first discovered this site I had NO IDEA about how to care for my curly hair. YOu will learn so much from everyone on here. My hair was so fried & wiggly looking when I first started, now I"m loving my hair more than I have in my entire life!

    I only wished I would've stumbled across this site years ago :) Some things that have transformed my hair:

    Jessicurl products
    cutting layers
    Microfiber towel

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    I defintely recommend reading up on the curly girl routine and trying that out, or at least switching to a gentle shampoo. By following the CG routine you'l learn how to pick products without sulfates and sillicones which can make hair flat,frizzy, or dry.

    I'd reccommend any jessicurl products, a gel (I love the Herbal Essence ones), and/or the product Curl Keeper. [buylink=]Curl keeper[/buylink] is made to put in wet hair to prevent frizz and not weigh hair down. I also love [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] if you're looking for curl enhancement. If you're hair is a dry a leave in conditioner is a great idea, but it depends on how fine or easily weighed down your hair is too.