Oily Skin Foundation?

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I thought I had normal or combination skin, but I now think I have oily (at least in the T-zone) skin and large pores (where did that come from?? I swear they weren't there a month depressing). Any recs on a decent drugstore foundation for oily skin? Thanks!!


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    I have had good experiences with the Bare Minerals primer and the new matte formula. HTH
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    I love makeup High end and DS ... i have the same problem. I have an oily tzone, and out of ALL the primers I have ever used I suggest Loreal Studio secrets in the the jar.

    If you want a matte finish, I would say maybe revlon colorstay with dream matte powder by maybelline.

    If you can wait and order samples, I HIGHLY recommend LaurEss Ethereal Mineral foundation.
    I love it!!!!!! No touch ups needed with this stuff

    Now if you want a dewy look, I love Maybellines new foundation called Dream Smooth cream foundation. If I dust over some MSFN by Mac over this then I look awesome.

    I definitely suggest that primer though ;)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. It hadn't occured to me to try a primer. I love the dewy look C&C on everyone else, but on me it makes me look like my face is greasy! I have Bare Minerals, but I'm not getting the coverage like I used to. But that may be going back to the primer. Thanks again for all the suggestions. At least I have a nice list to try out and see if it helps!

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    Not really a recommendation for what you're looking for, but for something else you might want to consider...

    I find that most foundations/tinted moisturizers/etc make my face look super shiny. I used to think that meant my skin was oily, but now I'm thinking it's just the products that I'm using that are making it seem that way...

    Anyways, I've tried all sorts of different products to mask the oily effect, but instead of changing foundations you might want to consider just layering powder over your foundation to give it a matte effect. I know for me it doesn't matter which foundation I use...they all look dewy on me!

    Instead, I found a foundation that I liked coverage-wise, and then I used Make Up Forever HD Finishing Powder on top to get rid of the dewy look. Sidenote: I am seriously in love with the powder because it keeps even the oiliest of areas matte. Not going to lie, it is costly, but I got the powder as a freebie from Sephora and I've had the tiny sample jar (not even the real size) for over a year so it lasts forever.

    Just a thought!
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    A powder foundation is best choice for people with oily skin. There are a lot of options out there. MAC studio fix powder foundation has very good coverage. If you use a powder puff and dampen it a little bit you will get more coverage out of a powder foundation. Also, you would want to press and roll the puff onto the skin so it goes on evenly and it will last longer.You can get a fuller coverage then what bare escentuals can give you. I find that the coverage is light coverage. You can invest in a makeup primer which will help the foundation stay on longer. After apply moisturizer to your face, if you take a tissue and dap it all over your face. Your face will not be as oily and the foundation will not turn a different color. Also, after applying foundation if you take a tissue a dap it all over your face. You will get access oil off your face and your foundation will stay on longer. Then of course you can apply concealer and powder to get the maximum flawless face. A powder is worth the investment to go on top of the face powder because it will set the foundation and help oil stay off the face.
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    Revlon Colorstay for Oily skin liquid foundation is AMAZING for oily skin. I have oily skin and I have zero complaints with this. It lasts all day and living in the tropics that's saying a lot.
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    Makeup Forever's Face and Body foundation is really tenacious on oily skin, without looking mask-like. It has a dewy finish, though, so you'll probably want to add a dusting of powder.
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    I often rec Loreal True Match.
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