What should I buy from the NC.com Store??

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Hey my fellow Aussie curlies,

I’m thinking of placing an order on the NaturallyCurly store. Obviously getting stuff shipped to Australia is expensive so I don’t want to have to do this too often, but I can’t really afford to get everything I want straight away. So this is my (small) list of products that I want to try as recommended on here…

Curl Keeper,
Kinky Curly Curling Custard Gel,
Kinky Curly Gloss Pomade.

Now my question is (or questions)… is there anything on there that you would not recommend? Is there anything you would suggest I get instead? (e.g. anything in the jessicurl range? Or any other brands I havn’t thought of yet) Or are there any Australia products that I could get that are just as good, which I wouldn’t have to get shipped from America.

I really want to try curl keeper and the KCCC but the pomade was an add on when I was going through the store, to SOTC. Anything Australian I can use instead? I miss being able to use serums to smooth frizzies and flyaways so I thought the pomade would help with this.

Thanks in advance for your help :happy7:
3a/bii hair... medium texture, medium porosity.

Lo-Poo= Sukin - once a week
Treseme naturals conditioner
Conditioner = Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac
Curl Cream = NAK Kurls styling creme
Styling Product = Joico Joiwhip mousse

Loving plopping, super soaking and pixicurl diffusing at the mo.

Experimenting with Aloe Vera Gel (looving it) Coconut oil and KY

After years of straightening... I am ditching the straighteners and embracing the curl!


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    if your interested in CK definately give KY (yes lube!) a try first. It's referred to as the poor cg CK. So it should give you an idea of if it'll work for you. (unless you've done so already.)

    I have my eye on Curl Junkie products, and am interested to see what Spiral Solutions is like. But that's just me

    I'd also contemplate ordering some hair towels, but that's because I LOVE hair towels. I think they are cute plus... I have a microfibre towel but it still causes frizzies. Really want a curlease and a curls like us :)
    2 something Australian :toothy4:


    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.

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