this is funny but damn I'm in pain! diagnose me!

murrrcatmurrrcat Registered Users Posts: 9,596
okay so I have roller blades and I've been doing fine but today I was going out to skate because its not hot and I didn't even move two feet and I fell flat on my butt! One guy saw and he stared for a bit but I waved for him to go away. Um anyway:laughing9:

my back, middle back, rib cage to the front of my chest is in pain. Like OWWWWWW it hurts. What the crap did I do?

I mean I fell on my butt, so why does that area hurt really bad?

It feels like back pain plus like when you have to burp or something and its stuck in your chest kind of like that, I don't know, it hurts really bad. But not emergency room bad, but still a lot of pain.:sad9:

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