What ingredients give hold?

I was just wondering. I have no idea.
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    Acrylates, PVP, PVA and probably lots of others that I've never heard of :)

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    ...what memes said plus polyquats (especially, it seems, polyquat-4), VA...
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    In some natural products it would be gums, like tragacanth and arabic, and, of course flax seed and aloe vera gels, usually combined with other ingredients to reinforce their gentle effect.
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    I've just been doing a search here on polyquats and I think I have found what gives me second day hair -- and that would be polyquaternium-4. I've read that it can build up but I don't mind using a sulfate shampoo or my detoxifier from Aveda once a week or so.
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    Carbomer gives hold too.
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    Wow, that's a very interesting observation, I've seen that pq in quite a few mousses, it's in the "Aussome Volume" one I just got from K-mart, will have to try it soon to see if that works for me too! I have been totally oblivious about pq buildup, wouldn't know what it feels or looks like but maybe I've never had any (or much?) since I've been on a restless product rotation for over 2 years now... :? I honestly would be much happier with just 2-3 good products like before but in my case buying cheap stuff for my hair is a psychological outlet...
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