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OKay these are admitingly not new books. I Never get rid of books and now I must, for I have run out of room and am still adding to the collection. These are books that I have, like I said, no new releases, no hot new title, just books that probably would collect more dust if I don't put them up for swap.

Anyway. Some of these belonged to my mother (in fact most as she pawns all her reads off on me icon_wink.gif ) so I may or may not have read them. So if you are interested in ANY titles but want more info on them just say the word.

Also, they are all in good condition and none of the binding is falling apart of pages loose or ripped or likewise. If they were I wouldn't post it.

Death of A Prom Queen Marie Oliver
Near Death Nancy Kilpatrick (horror)
Beast Peter Benchley (author of Jaws)
The Mind Palace Steve R Pieczenik (thriler)
Embassy House Nicholas Proffitt (historical fiction)
The Chain Letter Ruby Jean Jensen (thriller)
The Chior Boys Joseph Wambaugh
The Last Emperor Edward Behr (made into movie)
The Company of Women Mary Gordon
Magic William Goldman (made into movie)
The Key to Rebecca Ken Follett
Eye of the Needle Ken Follett (made into movie)
I and My True Love Helen MacInnes (murder mystery)
Death Match Ralph Glendinning
The Odd Women George Gissing
Erruption Paul Patchick (disaster thriller)
The Silver Spoon and passers by John Galsworthy (part of the Forsyte Chronicals)


Oliver's Story Erich Segal
Love and Fortune Charlotte McPherren
Public Secrets Nora Roberts

Brand New, Never Read icon_razz.gif Harlequen Series. (Novellas I believe) (really never been read,not my thing but I got this whole lot as a gift and I held on to them out of guilt)
The One and Only Carole Mortimer
The Valentine Child Jacqueline Baird
The Corsican GambitSandra Morton
Fallen Hero Catherine George
To Lasso a Lady Rene Roszel
Tender Assault Anne Mather

True Story/Crime or just Crime Fiction

Out of the Shadows Anne Marie West (TS)
Degree of Guilt Richard North Patterson
The Spike Arnaud de Borchgrave and Robert Moss
The Artisan Stephen Sheppard (nazi germany historical type story)
If You Really Loved Me Ann Rule (TS)

Thats all for my first swap post.
Also I am a huge collector of Children's books, so if you have any of those to swap or get rid of, let me know. If i cant find somthing you would like in return, I will just buy it from you, if the deal is right.

Lotsa Luv, Curls.

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