I think I am over aloe'd

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I also think I used too much CFT Creamy Curl Cleanser at my scalp...my roots feel heavy and borderline greasy. But overall my hair looks a little producty. I think the CFT Creme Brulee has aloe, and I added a little FOTE aloe over it, after using SS RPT as a leave in. I used the last of my SS FHG (has aloe powder), which I had to dilute in water because there was hardly any left in the cup. I have pretty curly curls, but just looks a little producty, and I think my frizz today might be aloe related.

That said, I did get a compliment on my curls from the stylist I want to go to next. She saw me walking by to my store this morning and waved to me from the salon, so I went in, since I was there early anyway. I'd been in earlier in the week asking questions about getting a cut before my brother's wedding in a month and I'd had my natural/naked hair that day. When I came in this morning, she commented on my curls and said I had gorgeous hair. I told her I was going to postpone the cut til after the wedding, since I had other wedding related expenses that took priority...once I told her it was in Nashville, she totally understood (it's far and expensive to go there from Victoria, BC Canada). She basically agreed that while I'd benefit from some lift and reshaping, that my hair was alright and would be ok as is if I didn't cut it before the wedding.

But anyway, it was nice to hear her say nice things about my hair, even though to me it isn't looking super amazing. It does, however, look way better than it did/does naked. And it is a good day, just not a great day.

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