How are you maintaining your hair this summer? Using a lot of oil?

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Hey curlies,

I was a on a break, but I'm back b/c I need your help! This weather is MURDERING my curls! I've been washing my hair every day b/c I can no longer get 2nd day+ hair with this damn heat/humidity. And between the oil and the stylers I use, it doesn't work to just re-wet it. I just start over every night. Granted, it dries MUCH quicker and I use a diffuser now as well. But I still don't wanna wash it every night! Anyone have any ideas to keep curls longer in this weather?

Also, I have noticed that after I seal my hair (from root to tip) it doesn't get absorbed as well, and it ends up on my pillow case (not pretty- sounds like the old jherri curl lol). Is this b/c of the humidity? Am I just using too much? Anyone have this experience? FYI I use food grade oils...hazelnut, Rice Bran, or Avocado.