triangle head! D:

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I've got a terrible case of triangle hair head. My hair looks terrible and it's rather distressing. I have 3a type hair, and loads of layers. My shortest layer is at my chin, and it refuses to curl at all. I try not to use any product other than leave in conditioner (every other day). I usually towel dry it for about half an hour, and then let it air dry.

I'm half persian so my hair is very thick and silky, with the exception of some hair underneath, which can get a bit kinky and doesn't really curl either. How can I make my hair curl from the root? How many layers should I ask for when I get it cut?


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    Your hair is beautiful. If it's cut correctly, you'll need to use more in the way of product and technique to get it to curl properly. I know that my hair has a better shape (more rounded) with certain products.

    First of all, you need to find out your hair's properties. Here's a link to help:

    Then look for people with hair like yours and "stalk" them on the boards. Look at what they use (in signature) and what they do. The woman who did the Texture and Porosity thread is a stylist, who specializes in curly hair. She also started a thread on what to tell your stylist--you can search for threads she's started, or it may be on her website. The above link will give you the link to take you there.
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    A hairstylist who works with curly hair regularly will know how to make your hair fall properly. I get mine cut dry by a Deva-trained stylist. She does a great job. Try looking through the salon reviews to see if there's a place in your area.
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    Read up on the techniques people use to dry to encourage root curl (see the threads on Ice Queen Method and SuperSoaker Method by doing a forum search).

    I don't see any triangle head in those pics, so maybe you mean something else?? I like SOME triangularity (I don't do upside down shape, cause it doesn't fit me, I've done it before.) Gypsy kind of curls like I like are, by definition, triangular, cause the fullness increases as it goes down the length, rather than just droop straight down. :D

    I think, literally, I have triangle head today--but I love my hair today. :D So, I guess I like triangle head, if that's the definition.

    Here was a thread on triangle head, but I always think of Roseanne Rosanadanna as the epitome of it:
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    shiraz wrote: »
    How can I make my hair curl from the root?

    When my hair was longer, plopping always helped me to get root curl. It also would help me to get a better overall shape to my hair, to be less "triangle-y." Good luck :)
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    Maybe a little skipcurling in the areas that need a boost in curl?

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    I also wonder if having it in a towel, if you're not plopping that is, is stretching out your waves and curls and within a half hour of being in that position, your hair is already kind of drying like that. Maybe you are plopping and if you are, ignore this here comment. :)

    Oh, and I also wonder if you need a nice gel or something you can scrunch into your wet hair to encourage waves & curls. :)
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    In those pics, you don't have triangle hair. Actually, I think your hair and style are quite gorgeous. IMO, it looks as if you don't have the type of hair that will ever curl from the root without the use of styling tools or chemicals. That isn't a bad thing; many women spend lots of money and time to have hair that looks like yours. But I think part of the "curly/going natural" movement is to accept what your hair does naturally and not to force it to do something it isn't meant to do.
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