Vichy cream for pimples

I went through the cabnet, and i found this cream. So i read the bottle and was gonna use it on my pimples. My question,does this work? have you tried it? how do you apply it?How long do you keep it on for?



  • La TanitaLa Tanita Registered Users Posts: 15 Curl Neophyte
    I can't tell you about that specific product, since I have dry skin and never used it.
    What I CAN tell you is that most of VIchy products are absolutely excellent. I used VIchy most of my life, different products, and they are the best.

    HOWEVERRRRRR, I stopped using them because I found out that Vichy, as every other L'Oreal brand, test on animals, which I am defintively not happy about, so I switched to Clinique and been having EXCELLENT results as well.

    I don;t know if animal testing is an issue for you...
  • imgonnastartawarimgonnastartawar Registered Users Posts: 237
    1.Thanks :)

    2. its not really a BIG issue to me, but im not supporting it:(. Unless the pruduct is like heavenly then i will still use it.

    Thanks again

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