am i wavy or curly confused

wavymummywavymummy Posts: 3Registered Users
hi all i started off thinking i was a 2c as i have very fine hair that has a tendancy to get over condioned and lie flat but, after looking at the curl types i am wondering if i am more of a curly than a wavy what do you think??


  • imgonnastartawarimgonnastartawar Posts: 237Registered Users
    i think a 2c wavy, maybe a mix with 3a
  • wavymummywavymummy Posts: 3Registered Users
    i think a 2c wavy, maybe a mix with 3a

    thanks for that i was thinking its a combi it has gone flat in the past as it needs moisture but its fine so can get weighed down, just wish i could find a curl cutter in the uk all stylists just want to put tons of layers in it

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