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So, I'd like to try a spray gel...I think I may get better coverage and it might give me hold that I need, but not be too heavy either. I have a tube of HEBE that I could use to try to make my own to test out. Can someone give me some ratios (or some general directions) to make it with? I don't want to make too much and have it go bad, and I don't mind making small batches, but it would be a better use of what I have rather than spending money that I should be saving for my trip to Nashville in a month. TIA!

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    The ratio of gel to water depends on the hold of the gel. I use LA Looks Sports gel, so I squirt 1 part gel into a bottle and add 2 parts water, then I close the bottle and shake it up to let it mix. Although I've been thinking about doing 1 part gel and 3 parts water, it can make my hair a bit crunchy. Just experiment with small amounts until you find out what works for your hair.
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    Well I have a couple different kinds of gel. My tousle me softly spray gel (which is a strong hold) I use 1\4 water to 3\4 gel, but honestly I think I may try 1\2 & 1\2 on the next bottle. I don't like crunch & I still have a bit too much crunch for my hair with this.

    I find getting a small spray bottle & mixing them is better than what I did, so you don't have to commit to the whole mixture & you can mess around with it a bit. I'm actually thinking of adding some CCCC lite to my bottle...just for a little conditioning, but not sure how this would work out...
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