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im a male with crazy fluffy, dry, itchy, poofy 4b hair.. i dont hate my hair as much as i hate how i cant make it look nice.. iv tried so many times to grow it out and make it look appealing but i fail, get mad and then cut it then regret cutting it and i have been doing this cycle for years now haha until i found this site.. im about 3/4 months into and about to go into the cutting stage.. i want my hair to have more "seperate" curl look.. not so fluffy.. right noow its a poof ball with no definition.. im looking for ANY ideas, home remedys or anything for my curls to seperate into thing defined curls and drop and not go straight up and poof out.. and without a wet look to if thats possible... this picture was about 10 years ago when i grew an afro and its a good example of what my hair turns into.
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    Hey Cody, Post this is the 4a forum. I definitely see a curl pattern. I bet you are curly when wet huh? If so, you are definitely 4a. You'll need to use a leave in conditioner and a gel to define, moisturize, and set your curls. If your hair is dry, you may need to add a cream based moisture between the leave in conditioner and the gel. Extremely dry hair sometimes requires an oil as well to seal in the moisture and protect the ends of the hair. You should also protect your hair at night by sleeping on satin as cotton pulls all of the moisture out of your hair at night. Consistent moisture is key for dry naturally curly hair. It craves hydration.
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  • BrilloPadBrilloPad Registered Users Posts: 5
    well ty rhonnie.. i didnt really understand the curly njumber patternt thingy lol.. but ty for your help its very apreciated!
  • princessai16princessai16 Registered Users Posts: 125
    If your hair is curly or wavy when wet then you may have a curl pattern.
    Why don't you try the cherry lola method? A bunch of girls are trying it that have dry poofy hair and are getting great results!
    That is the recipe and shows results :)
    Also if your hair is dry and itchy. Maybe you should wash and condition it more.
    Have you tried cowash (conditioner washing w/ a regular conditioner such as Herbal esscence, VO5 etc.) bi-daily or something along those lines? That would most likely solve the dry itch scalp problem, and dry hair.
    And make sure after you cowash, you put in a leave-in conditioner, and then oil then stlyer, or something along those lines. Eco styler gels has good hold and great weight. They are also selling natural hair care products that could way down your hair to help it "hang" and give moisture. One brands is under the name of Shea Moisutre. ok hope i helped
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    A good way to get an idea of what your curls will look like is the wash and condition your hair in the shower. Use lots of conditioner but do not rinse out. Check out your hair in the mirror and snap a pic if you like, this is what your hair would look like defined.

    You can get great results from inexpensive products but you will have to experiment to find out which ones work best for your hair.

    Shampoos/Conditioners: Try Suave Naturals line, Vo5 Moisture Milk line or Pantene Relaxed and Natural

    Oil: Use and oil such as Olive, grapseed, coconut or argan oil after conditioning while the hair is still wet to seal in moisture.

    Define: Use a gel or cream to define the curls try Eco Styler, IC Fantasia or even Curl Activator

    Be sure to wrap your hair up at night in a doo rag or satin scarf or on a satin pillow case.

    In the morning wet your hair in the shower apply conditioner and rinse (this is called co-washing) and repeat steps above.

    Now keep in mind that if you use a gel you will have to wash your hair once a week or more to remove the build-up.

    These are just some easy beginner tips. Try them out and also search through the message boards for similar posts.
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    Okay, I don't have any tips, aside to agree with Kinky Rhonnie that there does seem to be a curl pattern in there...

    But why do I think you look hot in that picture with your hair like that? Okay I'm probably weird, but I just thought I'd say that.
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    water based leave in
    light oil
    shea moisture hair milk (lotion)or leave in conditioner(thick cream)

    you wont have a wet set look

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    BrilloPad your hair looks like mine would if I shampooed it constantly and didn't condition it. I agree with the other posters - if you have curl or wave pattern when it's wet you can define that with conditioners, leave ins and gels. but you need to do some basic care -- conditioning and deep conditioning.
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