Im A 4B and need some fellow 4B help!

BrilloPadBrilloPad Registered Users Posts: 5
i have only grown out my 4b hair one time, and it was horrid! dry, itchy, puffy, poofy, clowny and all that stuff... As many people did with curly hair, i was bugged and bullied for my natural curls, growing up and of course this forced me to never grow it out and feel embaraced with them... But now i feel the urge to grow it out with a a passion and embrace my natural curly hair and show it off!! but im back to the poofy, puffy, dry, damaged hair.. is there any suggestions from fellow 4b's? i would love to have my hair go downwards instead of straight up and seperate more and not look like black cotton ball on my head.. without a wet look 2 if thats even possible... heeelllp meee lol!!

.ThankYa, Cody


  • murrrcatmurrrcat Registered Users Posts: 9,596
    go to the 4b thread and just soak it in...all the knowledge.


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