I'm a NOOB! Yeahhhhaha!

jump4tyjump4ty Posts: 13Registered Users
I'll make my way to the intro threads eventually, but I figured I'd start here considering I've been lurking the posts here for weeks. ;D

So, uhhh yeah! Cold-turkey or whatever you wanna call it, I'm not going to relax my hair anymore (after 3 years of it; last official relax was august 09). I quit blowdrying/ironing it around November last year, and after growing it out to mid-back I cut it real short, but there's still a good length of relaxed hair to my shoulders, so I suppose it's not quite a "BC". Honestly, it looks odd. But I'm planning on using rollers throughout my school semesters.

ANYWHO... I'd love for some of you peeps to accept me as an acquaintance here!


  • ElectrumElectrum Posts: 62Registered Users
    Hi new acquaintance. :) You're very happy. Congratulations on going natural.
    Name: Amber
    4 spectrum, fine/med strands, dense, low porosity, dark hair
    Decision to go natural: mid-February 2010
    Big Chop: August 22 2010
    :cat: Newly Natural :cat:

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