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I know how you guys keep talking about your hair being a disaster without product, but my hair is actually way better without any product in it. If I use a leave in or styler, my hair gets overconditioned instantly. I just use a rinse-out, and I'm good :wav:

Is there anyone else who's hair can survive sans product?
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    You're blessed, then - Enjoy it, LOL!
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  • nordic-curlsnordic-curls Posts: 5Registered Users
    lol, thanks :). I still never have good 2. day hair, though. And I get more volume than most people would like. But still it's way better than the oc'd mess I get with product in it ;-)
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    I guess it depends on how you like your hair to look.

    I can and have gone without product, and my hair looks ok, but the curls are less defined, less clumpy and a little frizzy as the day goes on (especially in summer). But it doesn't look a mess or unkempt. For some people, that look may be fine and it is usually my weekend laying around the house look. But for most days I prefer what product does for my hair which is make the curls more defined and keep the frizz factor down.

    I personally HATE the way product feels in my hair and so I choose products that leave me feeling soft once I scrunch it out.
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