Davina dvds and exercise advice

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Anyone use these to start getting into shape? I've decided I need to start getting fit and for the moment Id rather do that in privacy of my own home.

I've started eating better- everyday I have a fruit smoothie so starting to up my fresh fruit intake. I bought the Davina dvds, complete body work out and 5 step programme.

Do these work? Any tips in general about what I should do? We have a new pool near us which I might go and use once I feel happy enough in a swimsuit (its combined with the library and I have noticed they are all young attractive male lifeguards! (Lol good eye candy but not particularly inducing for wobbling women like me to swim!) Though I don't know how to swim properly- I mean I can swim, but probably not quite correctly.

I decided against running as high impact- heard not necessarily that good for you but hey what do I know!

:D Heres to a new me

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