My hair story, need advice

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My hair first started to curl at about age 19. For some reason my hair loves the humidity and growing up in the hot, humid South the curls did just fine with little encouragement from me. At 23 I moved to cold, dry and windy New England and my hair immediately became a disaster. I discovered CG about 18 months ago...right after I cut off my curls into a super short pixie out of frustration. After struggling to find the right products I've now been sulfate and 'cone free for about a year. Still, I've kept my hair pretty short out of fear that it will still be a disaster if it's long again. I have it at almost shoulder length currently and as the summer has been pretty hot and humid my hair seems to be doing okay. If I grow my hair out is it going to return to being a disaster in the winter? It is so dry and so windy here that even if my hair does look good before I leave the house within five minutes of being outside it's been blown into a tangled mess. Is there any hope for my poor curls or should I just cut them off again? Anyone else have wind issues?

I'm a 2c with soft ringlets in the front though varies from rings to waves in the back.

Current routine:
Co Wash 2-3 times a week L'Oreal Ever Pure Conditioner
Lo Poo once or twice a month: Living Proof No Frizz
Air Dry
Styling Product: just the tiniest drop of Living Proof No Frizz Wave Shaping Styling Creme. Sometimes nothing at all. I'm pretty low maintenance.

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