over-processed blonde hair

Hello, I have platinum blonde highlights and my hair type is 2b on the roots 2c on the ends the ends are over processed and frizzed.

Has anyone tried BB or BKT on that type of hair? My stylist implying that 3 days no wash keratin procedure is that what I need but I’m concerned about flat ironing, never done it before and my hair does not look like they can survive it.

Is it possible to do it without ironing?



  • DimePiece17DimePiece17 Registered Users Posts: 521
    but the product supposedly works best on the most damaged and fried hair. Also, it cannot be used without heat. Heat is what seals the product onto the hair.
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    i have your exaaact hair type, double processed bleach, and i'm going to try to do it. may need a friend to help. maybe qod max or qod gold?
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    You need to pay a special attention on beached, highlighted hair, when having the BKT done. You need to make sure that the hair is healthy enough to get the treatment done. For all types of hair, you need to use a flat iron, to cristalyze the keratin into the cuticle. For double processed bleached hair, you need to make sure that the whole hair is covered by product and you need to lower the temperature of the flat iron a little. Instead using a 450 degress, you need to lower to 400 degress, because this type of hair is fragile and the cuticles are completely open.

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