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Ok, so I started using AOGPB as a leave in and my hair has responded very, very, very well to it. The curls are more defined, shinier, softer and I like the smell. But I am confused... I thought only fine hair liked protein... I suppose my hair strands could be "fine" but I always thought of it in general to be thick. It is damaged, but I don't think it is porous (it takes about 60 seconds before it is totally saturated in the shower). I suppose I'm just wondering if using this conditioner as a leave in will have consequences in the long run... I've just heard so many negative things about protein. Yes, I've tried AOHSR but it didn't seem to work as well (it made my hair dry) and I'm not fond of the smell. Does anyone have any insight into my situation?

And not to be incendiary, but isn't all hair technically the same? Sure there are different textures and degrees of damage etc., but when you get down to the science of it, I thought it was just a bunch of carbon and hydrogen polypeptides. It seems like I'm putting so much (too much, at times) effort into my hair.:protest:


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    For one, hair texture has absolutely nothing to do with hair thickness. One's hair can definitely be fine and extremely thick or, alternatively, coarse and quite thin. Fine hair doesn't have to be thin, and coarse doesn't have to be thick. Hair texture is the measurement of the circumference of individual hair strands, not how many strands there are on a head (which is hair thickness).

    Secondly, if you're hair is damaged, it has "gaps" and "tears" (per se) in the strands, and the proteins in hair products help "fill in" these gaps, making the hair feel smoother (temporarily). That's why you often see products designed for damaged hair containing various proteins, because (for damaged hair) the proteins act as temporary fixes for the "gaps and tears" in the strands of damaged hair.

    Thirdly, not all hair is the same and not everyone's hair will respond similarly to the same products/routines. Yes, all hair is structurally the same, but you must also add in other factors, such as hair texture, thickness, porosity, oiliness or dryness, the condition of the scalp, how damaged (or healthy) the hair actually is, and various combinations and degrees of all these things. And since everyone's hair has different "combinations," not everyone's hair will respond the same way to everything. This is why so many people have to experiment to see what products their hair will respond well to, because all hair is the same only on a basic level. Yes, there are people whose hair prefers protein over moisture, and if you are one of those people, then just continue using the products that your hair responds well to until the products don't work anymore (not until someone tells you that you're doing something wrong if your hair is still telling you that you're doing something right).

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    Thanks for the help! I suppose if my hair is responding well to it I should just keep it in my routine, even if protein has a bad reputation.

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