Is a Keratin treatment same thing a Brazilian Blowout?

My friend from Egypt, who did a keratin treatment, recommended i should get one too. My hair is really thick, curly,frizzy [ ethnic hair ]
I did a Keratin treatment in last September at Ulta, wasn't satisfied with results and received another one the next month. My hair was wavey and couldn't absorb products well.
I recently got my hair cut and my hairdresser recommended i do a brazilian blowout.... and i'm wondering if that is the same thing as a kertain treatment.


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    nope. not the same thing. search the thread. I know someone asks the same question at least once a week :).
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    Brazilian Blow-Out and BKT are not the same: the Original Brazilian Keratin Treatment must be done in salon section by section and takes up to three hours, but lasts up to three months - while the Blowout is done in the salon in a much shorter service time, but does not last as long. Always receive an in-salon consultation with a stylist that is Certified in the brand you are asking about. Certification means that the stylist has taken advanced education on that one product and is qualified to render the service to clients.

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