wavy/curly growing hair out struggle

wavymummywavymummy Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi all i decided to grow my hair years ago but its been a struggle as my ends would get so dry and split even though i used loads of conditioner and put treatments on it every couple of weeks ago.
since i discovered the curly girl way my hair is so much better my ends actually feel soft but, my question is now i am no longer using frizz ease how do i get rid of the frizz and the mid lengths ands ends? i am currently using coconut conditioner that i put on the ends night and morning and mix gel with a little bit of conditioner but it is now only wavy from mid lengths to the ends could this be because my hair is getting heavier? my length is just below shoulder length also i have just started using longhairlovers luxe shampoo once a week

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