Silicones in skin care items

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Most of us avoid silicones in our hair products. What about in body lotions and face creams?

I don't like using skin care items with mineral oil but I noticed the ones without mineral oil have dimethecone and other -cones. Are these good for the skin?

For the record, I have dry skin on my body but an oily t-zone and sensitive skin on my face (not acne prone).
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    I can't really answer your question -- some people think they're good for your skin and some don't. I guess it all depends on each individual. FWIW, my current fave moisturizer is CeraVe PM. I'm really liking it, which is rare for me and moisturizers. It does have dimethicone in it, but it's fairly far down on the ingredients list.
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  • nana_banananana_banana Registered Users Posts: 735
    Thank you VTMom.
    Hair type: Mostly 3C, medium porosity to high porosity depending on the day, dense, fluffy, dry, tangly!

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    a lot of foundation primers are also silicone-based and many people swear by them. if you want a silicone-free one, Tarte makes one.
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    I don't think there is any harm in using skin care products with silicone, you wash your face, it comes off.

    The reason I personally don't use haircare products with silicone is because I only low poo once a week, if I used products with silicones in them, I'd have build up. HTH.
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    I avoid silicones in my skin care products. I suffered from cystic acne for years starting when i was 21 or 22. during that time i used only "sensitive skin/oil free" type products (the moisturizer listed dimethicone as second ingredient), treated my face gently, was on birth control. when I tried CG on my hair I decided on a whim to try it on my skin, as well. within a month i stopped getting cysts (though it took much longer for the red marks to fully fade). coincidence? i suppose it's possible. i refuse to take the chance that it's not. for what it's worth--been 2 years since i had any cysts.... From what I use now with no issues at all, my skin does NOT have an issue with oils, so I use them to moisturize in lieu of the "barrier" effect created with dimethicone. I wash my face and moisturize after morning and night so perhaps this is why I don't need to keep anything "sealed" in.

    Updating this to add:
    it is actually quite a chore to find silicone-free face products, be it washes, moisturizers, or make-up. Even worse than digging through hair products to find winners. So if anyone is wanting to go -cone/sulfate free with their skin care, here's what I use on my combination skin (face only; i don't use body lotion much and when i do silicones don't cause problems; if they really are the issue with my face it seems to be face only). these are all drug store products.
    cleansers: noxzema (a.m., when i shower) and at night before bed a (sadly, discontinued) nutriva bodywash with cocomodapropyl betaine (sp??) as the surfectant
    moisturizer: ponds dry skin cream (the caring classic!)...nivea, aquaphor, and jergens all have similar formulations but the others seem to be more like cold creams, whereas the ponds seems like a lighter moisturizer (despite the name).

    i find i don't need toner much anymore but neutrogena has a "gentle" no alchohol one i keep around for hot sweaty summer days.

    make-up i like the physician's formula organic wear. the tinted moisturizer, powder, and blush were all okay last time i needed to buy them.
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    For me, it is no sulfates and no silicones on my hair or body. Even buy hand soap without them!
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    I tried going no-cones for my face for a while, and it did work. I tried a non-sulfate facial cleanser but it simply didn't feel or act cleansing. I was using Lush and Garnier products - Fresh Farmacy for face wash (sulfates, but otherwise not very drying), Garnier Soft and Gentle toner (alcohol free), and Lush's Vanishing cream. This worked okay for a while, but the scents got to me and it ended up being more expensive than using a major department store brand. I tried going CG for my body, but my skin got so incredibly dry, even in the summer, that I figured I needed something more than what the butters and oils were giving me - tried using Avalon Organics unscented body wash. The extremely hard water in my city may have had something to do with this.

    On the plus side, removing silicones and sulfates showed me the true state of my skin, just as it did for my hair. I didn't have oily, tough facial skin, nor acne-prone body skin. In fact, I had very sensitive, delicate skin with a fairly normal level of oilyness - something I could have only known when I switched to a gentler cleanser, wasn't using a toner with alcohol, and didn't slap on piles of moisturiser to try to counteract the drying toner and cleanser. I only need the moisturiser because I have the closest thing to 'porous skin' - I lose moisture from my skin very quickly, just like my hair does, and I need something to seal my skin from the weather and elements. Now that I've gone back to silicones and sulfates for my body and face, I can buy accordingly. I always get an odd look when I buy my super-gentle cleanser and toner with the 'oily skin' moisturiser, particularly if I'm in the midst of a bad break-out, but hey, it works.
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    Mineral oil is fine to use in skincare. The molecules are too big to clog your pores, so it's non-comedogenic.

    Using silicones on your skin is fine. You shed skin cells all the time, so it doesn't build up at all. I use silicones and sulfate-free face wash and body wash, and I've never had any problems whatsoever.

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