Would you give up...

rferfe Registered Users Posts: 36
...your waves/curls for guaranteed all the time frizz free hair?

I'm thinking I would, but admittedly a lot of the way I feel about my hair lately is due to growing out this bad cut. I might feel differently once my hair is back to normal (ETA: end of this year, let the countdown begin ;)).
2B - Fine (but lots of it) Texture, High Porosity
Not really CG at the moment, might try again once my hair is much longer (i.e. I can put it up if it looks awful


  • aislinaislin Registered Users Posts: 864
    No way, never. I already did it once and it was totally the WRONG thing to do. I missed my texture so bad it was almost silly. I was TR'ed in hopes to grow out a too short crappy looking bob. It helped some, but what a waste of time and money! I'd never do the keratin/BKT type treatments either because they also supposedly make you lose some curl. No thanks! :thumbdown:

    Are you thinking about doing some kind of treatment yourself or just asking? :smile:
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  • rferfe Registered Users Posts: 36
    Just asking. I wouldn't consider a BKT type of treatment. I color my hair and figure I should limit the chemicals on my hair to just the one. I might give up my waves for frizz free hair, but I wouldn't give up the color. My natural color is something akin to mud with gray streaks. :tongue5:
    2B - Fine (but lots of it) Texture, High Porosity
    Not really CG at the moment, might try again once my hair is much longer (i.e. I can put it up if it looks awful
  • rymorg2rymorg2 Registered Users Posts: 2,571
    No. Uh uh. Not a chance. I struggle too much to maintain the curl I have, and I can get frizz free hair that's straight easily just by using cones.
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  • Cousin-IttCousin-Itt Registered Users Posts: 45
    No, I would not give it up. My hair was pretty straight until I reached my teens. I always was in awe of the girls that had waves and curls, wishing my hair was like theirs. I wish I had understood years ago that a brush in hair is not a good thing!
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  • runnerchickirunnerchicki Registered Users Posts: 475
    No way. No way. No way.

    I personally don't mind a little bit of frizz, but then I'm really into the tousled just got out of bed look right now. :glasses7:
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  • asianrunnerasianrunner Registered Users Posts: 2,251 Curl Neophyte
    Nope! One of the best things I've ever done for my hair is to go CG (ok, well mod-CG). When I go without any product in my hair, it just blows up! Putting a curl enhancer and gel really tames my hair so I no longer have any real frizz or triangle head.
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  • plunkybugplunkybug Registered Users Posts: 2,526
    I have frizz either way, but I think the curls and waves just suit my face better than straight hair. A stylist also told me I should keep working at curly because of that...the curls frame my face.

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  • DeodandDeodand Registered Users Posts: 159
    I don't know about the rest of you, but I found that after a certain age straight hair made me look older. I think it drags down my face.
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    I'm not CG - tried it and failed for two years. My scalp hates it.
  • NorthCoastLadyNorthCoastLady Registered Users Posts: 230
    Deodand wrote: »
    I don't know about the rest of you, but I found that after a certain age straight hair made me look older. I think it drags down my face.

    Yes, absolutely. My wurlies soften my face and give me a more youthful appearance. Plus, my hair has never EVER straightened out nicely. It's so fine textured that all straightening did was make it look dried out and parched.

    A few frizzies never bothered me that much. I'm a HUGE outdoorsy gal and rarely go anywhere that requires too much polish.
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  • yagurlbubblezyagurlbubblez Registered Users Posts: 78
    definitely not, b/c when i wear my hair straight i dont get any frizz at all. i am really good w/ my straigtening routine though. i really dont put anything in it except carrot oil and thats it and no frizz for a good 1-2 wks

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  • crazywavescrazywaves Registered Users Posts: 582
    No! I love my waves and curls now thanks to runnerchicki and her FHG. I can live with a bit of frizz as long as I have great curls.
  • heidiheidi Registered Users Posts: 243
    Not a chance! I've only had my hair straightened a few times (letting my stylist play) and hated it every time. I just don't look my best with straight hair so even at their worst I'd still keep my waves & curls.
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