Hello, from Florida! =)

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i'm Josie i'm 17 and i'll be a senior in highschool.
I had my last perm in December 2009, but i consiously decided to go natural in March/April..
Lol i've had TERRIBLE hair experiences, as well as a low selfconfidence.
As a child my sisters and I had alot of hair and it was all natural.I only had my hair flat ironed on special sunday church occasions.
I never had my hair cut or trimmed since birth.
At age 4 my aunt took it upone her self to perm my ''bad''/''slave'' hair.
My natural hair went from shoulder length to earlobe length in a year.:sad3:
My mom had no choice but to keep perming my hair.
Lol thats how i got ''hooked'' on the creamy crack.
I've had it with touching up every 6weeks and wasting money. i've had it with the ridicule of others (and also the same aunt who started this mess:angry2:)
I've had it with my hair breaking more than it grows..
So i decided to go natural..
It hasnt been easy for the past 7/8 months..but i'm determined.
to tell ya'll a secret, this board is what helped me make my decision!
I was looking for an alternative to a relaxer and i found you guys!:cheers:
So i decided that now is the time to finally join the forum and get some support and more understanding/information about black hair care..
even though i dont even know what hair type i am, but thats okay!

Thanks for taking your time and reading my short bio!


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    We're glad you've joined us!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Hey, Josie!

    (I love that name. My first published short story had a heroine with that name.)

    I'm in Miami area. If you are, too, make sure to check out the South Florida Curls and Kinks group. They share tips online and have offline meetups: http://www.meetup.com/South-Florida-Curls-and-Kinks/

    And if you want to figure out your hair properties and types, NC has lots of helps. I know when I started last November, it helped a lot, as did this: http://www.livecurlylivefree.com/curly%20hair%20basics.htm

    You can skim the blogs section, cause lots of ladies of color have offered wisdom on treating black hair. (I am Latina, but that doesn't mean I can't learn from all naturals, ya know?)

    Take care and enjoy the site. Nice to see another Floridian (who understands how crazy hair can get in our weather.)
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