question about line of demarcation?

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How can I tell where mine is? I don't see any major breakage when my hair is dry, and when it is totally wet, there IS a line where my hair mats up but I don't know if that's my line of demarcation because it's about four inches down my hair....could it be possible that my hair grew faster than i thought? I comb my hair very thoroughly so I know it's not tangled up...anyone have any ideas?:-?



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    To my knowledge the line of demarcation is just the spot where the two textures meet and this area is prone to breakage due to how weak it is. It doesn't necessarily mean that you MUST experience breakage because different factors can minimize breakage such as type of hair, condition of hair, and treatment of hair. I am three months post and haven't experienced any substantial breakage due to trying to be more gentle with my hair and providing it with special care as far as moisture and protein. I can't see any substantial diiference in my hair yet because I don't have a lot of new growth yet. So continue to care for your hair well to lessen any negative demarcation impact and think of the demarcation as your curly meets straight hangout spot.
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    I think that sometimes the line of demarcation is clearly evident and at other times it's not. I know for me, the line of demarcation is not that evident at all. My hair basically has the same texture throughout except at the very ends, which I'm slowly trimming off. However, I know a line of demarcation must exist because I haven't cut off my relaxed ends. So I would say just watch to see where your hair is breaking. Wheverever it continues to break the most consistently should be where the line of demarcation is and should be what you take the most care of.
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