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I've been reading this board for a long time, but recently decided to stop dreaming about and envying great curls, and actually try for them. My 2 girls decided to come along on this journey, too, so now it's a mother/daughter thing. My oldest is 11, and has the "fairy-tale" hair- the thick, springy ringlets, probably a 3a/3b. My youngest daughter is 9, and so far I'm guessing she's a 2b, more wavy than curly, and baby fine. I fall somewhere in the middle of them, a medium 2c with more 3a around my face, and underneath. I have a 5 year old son with 2c, too, but I'm not sure if the boy's hair can look right with that kind of curl.

Still learning about hair types and curl pattern, so I may be off on our types, but I'm excited to be here, working toward my goal of actually liking the frizzy, hot-mess hair I've been pulling back in a messy bun nonstop for the past 12+ years. :)

2c/3a, medium/coarse, low porosity-I think. LOTS of it, whatever it is.

2 daughters on this journey with me-one 3a/3b, one 2b.

Hoping we all learn to LOVE our curls, cause right now... :banghead:


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    Welcome! We're so glad you've joined us! I bet your kids are darling!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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