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lovechele2lovechele2 Posts: 37Registered Users
Hi ya'll I wanted to know if any of you tried a product line called Elucence moisture shampoo and conditioner. I am eager to try something new on my hair during my transitioning.


  • tongatonga Posts: 12Registered Users
    I am transitioning (3 months in) and just received the products yesterday. My daughter who is also transitioning used the poo and co today and said that she enjoyed how light the shampoo was and also enjoyed the way the poo easily lathered. She said she didn't have to use very much although it was very liquidy. I will. Be washing my hair tomorrow and will provide an update since my daughter's only 11 and has 3b hair that was just texturized for the 1st time about 2months ago. I'm a 4a/b and have been both relaxed and natural but have decided to go completely natural forever now, so our opinions will greatly vary, so I'll keep u posted.
  • lovechele2lovechele2 Posts: 37Registered Users
    thanks and yes keep me posted. I'm really thinking about trying it.
  • tongatonga Posts: 12Registered Users
    Just coming back to update you on my experience with Elucence moisture benefits poo and co. The washing experience was much more pleasant for me with the products; the poo has a light peach scent and only required a small amount, yet produced a luxurious lather and left my hair feeling much smoother than my normal wash. I also lost way less hair with this combo; I usually lose more hair during poo and combout phase but with this set my hair loss was so minimal. The conditioner doesn't smell peachy but it still has a light pleasant odor and feels awesome to my scalp, very creamy and smooth. You can also use the co as a leave in so I applied a small amount to my hair after rinsing the co out and it worked wonderfully. I give this set five curls and strongly suggest you give it a try. Hope this has been helpful.
  • tongatonga Posts: 12Registered Users
    I was reading another post you had about product help and noticed that you said you were using design essentials, what was your experience with this line. My regular beautician had suggested that I try it and exclaimed that there have not been any major breakthroughs in hair care in the past 30 yrs, I considered this his attempt to keep me relaxed (hairwise). Since I didn't feel he was pro naturale I didn't bother trying the line, so any feedback will be much appreciated.
  • lovechele2lovechele2 Posts: 37Registered Users
    Well first off tonga I would like to thank you on your post of Elucence. i will be giving it a try. I use design essential's moisture retention shampoo I ran out of the stimulation conditioner. It does work really good I like it, but it doesn't leave my hair as moisturized as I would like it. The conditioner is very good though for preventing breakage so I use it as a treatment for my hair. i notice it doesn't shed as much when i use the conditioner. I would recommend it as a treatment to your hair, but if your looking for moisture try something else. The whole is for relaxed and natural hair.
  • tongatonga Posts: 12Registered Users
    Thanks chele I will go ahead and give a little business to my beautician by purchasing the design condish and use it as an alternative to my elucence. I really think your gonna like the moisture u get from elucence and your order arrives pretty quickly. Be blessed in your natural hair journey.

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