Megatek/OCT Users: Update the newbies?

amalgamadeamalgamade Posts: 36Registered Users
I was reading this post in the 4a forum: I noticed the last date on it was back in Feb of this year. I'd like to know if there are any updates!

Is anyone still using either or both?

Does anyone have progress pics and/or regimen recommendations?

Which is better for growth: OCT or MT (I ask b/c my hair is plenty just refuses to retain length)?

Were you using this product in conjunction w/ the rest of the line (like the full OCT line: shampoo and conditioner) or as a stand-alone product?

Did you use it according to instructions, or no?

Is there a product that does the same thing that these products claim to do that you like better? Why?

So many questions, but I really want to know b/c most of the info on and interest in these products is from 2008! I'd like to know how you ladies have fared since then.

Thanks in advance! :D

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