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Hi All,

I've done my own BKT at home and now I'm seeing that that Rejuvenol and Coppolla treatments are available online to be purchased by any ole body! It's clear that these treatments are taking off and pretty soon, the prices will be dropping significantly ( and prehaps gentler ( more effective than our current Liquid Keratin:thumbdown:) formulas will be created for in home use as well). In gentler I mean, less with the fumes, although the fumes with Coppola and Rejuvenol or not bad at all. is a reputable site and I get coupons and free shipping codes all the time. Best yet, your item, no matter what, litterally comes to you in 24-48 hours. I've purchased 3 flat irons from them and have gotten them all withtin 24 hours. Great site.:toothy5::wave::wave:
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    Wow this sounds great I'd love to try either of those brands. I've only triedthe Qod Max and I'm about to do the Qod Gold on my hair at home. Thanks for the info:)
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    lacora, did you like the results from qod max?? what number/letter are your curls?
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