No-poo vs. conditioner washing

Is using Suave Naturals or VO5 as a washing agent just as good as using No-Poo? I'm only asking because, as most of you know, Deva products are not inexpensive! So if I can get away with the Suave & just have a small bottle of No-poo on hand for my trips to a hair salon, that would be awesome!! Any ideas?


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    Using No-Poo is the same as conditioner-washing. Personally, I like a thinner, less rich conditioner for washing, and Suave or V05 suit me fine. (I usually use Suave Citrus Smoothie.)
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    Thanks, that's what I figured.
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    Same here.

    I have No-Poo but much prefer using Suave Coconut for CO-washing. It just seems to get my hair and scalp cleaner than the No-Poo. HTH
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    I like no-poo too, but you don't have to use it everytime you wash you can use it every few days.. This way it should also last longer.. also I like the noo-poo because it contains peppermint or something in it and makes you head tingley.
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    I like both, but when I want a squeaky clean fresh scalp and hair, I reach for the No Poo. HTH
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