What can I do with it?

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I havn't always loved my hair. When i was little, I used to wish that i had hair like all the other kids instead of the strange, bushy, frizzy hair that belonged to me. I finally descovered mousse when I was about 12 and realised that if I use massive amounts of Extra Firm Hold mousse and lots of hairspray I can wear my hair how I like it as it is long and layered. But I am now on about a can per week of mousse and it is just getting rediculous. I also straighten my fringe everyday and it is now short and split and coarse, and to top it all off I have doveloped an allergy to mousse and now have a form of dermatitis on my neck. I want another solution of how to keep my hair firmly held and bouncy... What can I do?



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    first you can search these boards for tons of info about all of your hair problems. There are many product reviews and that youshould help youi decide what to use and you should start a Curly Girl routine and get the book by Lorraine Massey, it explains alot. There are many curlys here who know so much, all you have to do is ask and everyone will give advise help you. As for hold maybe try a max hold gel, and for the dermattis have you tried tea tree oil?
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    Jasminee, are you transitioning? If not, you may find that you'll get more help out of the Products forum or the General Discussion Forum. I would also do a search for the problems that you're experiecing. If you know your hair type, check out that board as well. I would also stalk hair albums, find someone who has a hair type similar to yours, and ask questions.

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