Combing Natural Hair

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Hey Everyone,

I recently shared that I big chopped on July 4th! I actually am starting to appreciate the new look. It is soo much easier to manage while short. AND I must add that I LOVE being natural. I don't think I will ever return to getting perms.

Anyway, I have a newbie question. I notice that when I comb my hair in the shower, my curls do not bounce back. Instead, when my hair dries (after putting leave-in condition and gel) the front of my hair in particular becomes frizzy and takes form of a fro while the back of my hair remains semi curly. I was told to not comb my hair, but to just use my fingers to de-tangle. This has actually worked, because my curls are now much more defined. So, my question for you is, am I doing my hair a dis-service by not combing it on a daily basis? Or, is it okay to comb it once a week? I want to try and keep my hair as healthy as possible.

Thanks for the support and info!!!!!!!!


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