Hair feels like straw - damage?

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I'm having problems with my hair feeling like straw.

For a long while I was using a conditioner that had silicone in it. It made my hair pretty soft and nice, but it totally destroyed my waviness.. it just made it frizz (colour care).

So I switched to another conditioner without silicone that I had success with before (Kenra), but my hair feels dry and frizzy before it even dries. I thought maybe it was a protein problem, but a protein-free conditioner didn't help either.

Could it just be damage? If it is, I'm not sure what to do about it as it feels horrible all the way up to my roots. The only real change here is dropping the old conditioner :/

I'm going to give AOHR a try as I've seen it suggested for those with a protein issue.


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    I assume you are CG. Did you do a sulfate shampoo after discovering the silicones?
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    Also, how long ago did you switch to a protein-free conditioner? If it is a protein problem, it could take a few weeks to get back to normal. It took me about a month to have moisturized hair again after discovering I had a protein problem.
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    You might need to do some deep treatments (protein-free) to bring some moisture back. The trouble with silicones is that they give you a false sense of having healthy shiny might very well have been super dry under the silicone film, and now that you're not using the silicone, you're seeing you hair's true state.

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    Other than wavy and currently straw-like, what's your hair like? Rather than cutting all protein out, it could be - besides lots of conditioning - the very thing it needs, depending on your hair texture, chemical treatments, porosity, etc.
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    It's very fine, but I've been finding that anything with protein is steadily making it worse. I think I'll try protein-free for a while and see how it goes.

    I know that protein is recommended for fine hair most of the time, but I don't think it's really working. Perhaps I just overdid it this time.

    I did use a sulfate shampoo originally to get the silicone out, that was a while ago.
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    The more protein you use the more moisture you need to use, the protein is making your hair like straw you need a moisturising shampoo/conditioner and probably a moisturising treatment too :thumbleft:

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    Thanks, that site is somewhat helpful.

    I do remember my hair being better when I was also using a moisturizing shampoo (c system) with this conditioner, so perhaps I should give that a try again.

    Weird thing is that site recommends my conditioner as a moisturizing treatment, which is really confusing..