My hair doesn't know whether to be curly or straight!

backwardscakebackwardscake Posts: 4Registered Users
Hi everyone! I've always worn my hair straight up until this year, so I'm really new to this.

I'm using:
Shampoo & Conditioner- Nexxus Diametress volumizing
Curl Lotion- Marc Anthony "Strictly Curls"

I usually wash my hair upside down and then work the curl lotion into it. My hair is fine, neck length, and layered. I have ringlety, corkscrew curls on the bottom, but my top layer is completely straight! (And all of it is frizzy.) I tried diffusing it before but it was just frizzy and sticky :/ I think my layers made it weird, too.
Also, the curl breaks really easily... If I go out in windy weather, it turns kind of straight/wavy :[

I just want the top of my hair to be as curly as the rest of it!
Do you have any product recs for my kind of hair? Or ideas of a good diffuser? Or general tips & tricks? I'm still researching, so I have much to learn. I don't want to buy the wrong thing, though. Thanks everyone!


  • plunkybugplunkybug Posts: 2,526Registered Users
    Welcome to the wavies! Welcome to the woes of a wavy. Heh heh. :/ I know my front is curlier than my back, and one side is wavier than the other. It's frustrating, I know. Many wavies find that going CG, or a modified version of it, has helped improve the consistency or curliness. Also, protein treatments can be a curl enhancer. Have you tried plopping? Many find it helpful for encouraging curls. What styling techniques do you use?

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  • TheFerginatorTheFerginator Posts: 5Registered Users
    My hair has the same problem! I recently started using a sea salt spray on my hair, and it really boosts my curls (it especially helps on the back, which is where it always went flat because it's longer). After running mousse through my hair, I spray it with the salt water and scrunch, finishing with a spray gel to hold it (I use my hands to smooth it out when its dry, so it doesn't look crunchy). The sea salt is pretty drying though, so I use a mousse that doubles as a leave-in conditioner, which seems to do the trick.
  • asianrunnerasianrunner Posts: 2,251Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have the opposite problem! My top is wavy when I use the right products but my underlayer refuses to wave! I always scrunch in my products (with the exception of my rinse out conditioner) and try to limit the amount of raking/combing.
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  • backwardscakebackwardscake Posts: 4Registered Users
    Hey, sorry I took so long to reply haha.
    Plunkybug, I'll definitely try plunking! Basically I've been gently scrunching and sometimes using a diffuser, but that tends to frizz my hair up or look weird because I have layers.

    Thanks for your suggestions everyone! I'm going to try out the stuff you all mentioned and hopefully something will work. Will have to wait till I get some money though O_o
  • NatkatNatkat Posts: 10Registered Users
    I have the same problem. Since going CG I condition my hair more than I ever have in my life. My hair is healthy and soft, but now I have a hard time getting it to curl. I have to really work at it where before it would curl up on its own.

    I cowash every day and shampoo twice a week. I'm trying to use up all the old bottles of shampoo I have accumulated before buying something silicone free. Right now I'm using Suave volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I put in styling gel then dry with a diffuser until about 75% dry. Then I plop for 20 minutes. I do get some amazing curls this way, but I miss the old days when my hair did this all by itself.
  • goobernutgoobernut Posts: 2,317Registered Users
    Natkat, if your condish is really weighing your hair down, its okay to back off. Or find a different condish. I learned all that the hard way. Suave Daily Conditioning is light and silicone free (and cheap). Most just don't find it conditioning enough. If your hair is healthy, you might not need to throw a lot of moisture at it.

    I'm with asianrunner, my hair is curly on top and barely wavy at the back. I can't get a good hair cut to save my life lol. I'm just gonna grow it out to my butt and then make the drive to Tiffany's. I don't think I'll be happy until this one specific hunk grows out.
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  • NatkatNatkat Posts: 10Registered Users
    Thanks for the advice Goobernut. I've been letting my hair get all the moisture it wants. I kind of go by feel. If it soaks it up I put on more until it stops soaking it up. I guess I'd better take back control.
  • Lilia's MommyLilia's Mommy Posts: 5Registered Users
    Hi! I'm new here and have stick straight hair. My 2 year old however has adorable curls. Based on my research here, I believe she's a 2a. If you want to see a cute kid and confirm my suspicions you can check our her Flickr stream here:

    Anyway, I'm afraid she may be growing out of her curls or they just need some love and/or product I have yet to provide. Until recently they were just perfectly bouncy and manageable and needed nothing but a bit of water and a jooge but lately they are more difficult to care for.

    A friend used some Bumble and Bumble curl enhancer on her and her curls really perked up. I thought I'd look into getting her some kid friendly curl enhancing shampoo but the stuff I'm finding, such as "It's a Curl" seems aimed towards taming curls instead of enhancing them.

    Any styling or product suggestions for a straight haired mama trying to keep her cuties curls bouncing?

    Many thanks!
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    My under-layers are curlier as well, partially because that hair is a lot more coarse than the top layers of my hair.

    What I find works is that once I put in my styling products I grab sections and twist them around my finger until they start to coil. I especially do this with the sections that look straight. I air dry my hair, so I don't know how well that will work with diffusing, but it does help form some waves and curls on the looser sections.
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