Hair is finally long, now another problem... UPDATE

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After I got a bad relaxer, hated my hair for 2 years and then chopped it off up to my chin to get rid of the straight ends, I finally have long hair! And when I say long, I mean it's to my butt (I recently cut 4 inches, though, to get rid of the dead ends).

Here is my problem, I have 3c, pretty much kinky curly hair, but I've noticed in the past few months that the top half of my hair is straightening out. It's not straight, but it's pretty much wavy except for about 6 inches at the end, which is still 3c. Is this because it's being weighed down? I do have pretty thick and heavy hair, but I am so saddened by this. I miss my full head of curls.

Has anyone experienced this? The thought that my hair might be changing freaks me out, so I'm hoping that someone else went through this when they grew out their hair. Or a I really losing my curls? Anything I can do? Thoughts? Advice? Opinions? As you can tell I'm freaking out. :laughing6:


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    I think that it's probably just your hair being weighed down, I don't think it's changing texture or anything. I'm going to stay tuned to this thread because I'd like to know what it could be as well.
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    I think it could be the weight as well. especially if the top part was already a looser texture. For example the front/top of my hair is a looser texture and as it gets longer it gets more wavy. the back/nape is the same way. as it gets longer it gets wavier. its sort of weird but it shows the growth that the other areas of my hair doesnt.
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    As I said in my original post, I cut about 4 inches off my hair maybe a little more than 2 months ago, so I have a little bit of new growth. It looks as if the roots are coming in very curly, like it was before, so I am very relieved to see this! I really can't explain how scared I was that my hair might've been going through a texture change... just when I finally start to appreciate my curls. :) So I guess I will just keep my hair at this length or a little shorter, so it doesn't get weighed down again. I'll give another update after I get some more new growth.

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