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When my hair is dry, my hair is shoulder length 3c hair that is very big, when its wet, its a just a few inches below my collar bone. But no one would no because my hair shrinks alot really fast. i am really trying to get my hair to at LEAST get to my mid back area AFTER it shrinks up, which is going to take FOREVER. i know that i should get my hair trimmed about every 6 weeks, but my ends really arint tht bad, and i would rather not even trim my hair because even though it grows, its so curly tht its not visible so how often should i trim it?



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    You definitely don't need to trim every 6 weeks, that's just what the salon tells you so they can take your money every 6 weeks :) I haven't had a trim in 3 month, and don't plan on another for at least 3 more months. In between, if your hair is long enough (about armpit length or longer), you can do a "search and destroy" session to look for split ends. Just look at the ends of your hair, and if you see an end that is splitting in half or breaking, cut it off an inch or so above the split with very sharp hair cutting scissors. If your hair isn't long enough to do this, there isn't too much chance that you'll have enough breakage/splits to need a trim more than every 4-6 months. When you do get a trim, find out EXACTLY how much they are taking off, specify 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch, that way you know they aren't taking ALL of your growth off.
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    Some people don't trim at all or very rarely. I probably trim too much, even though I only really do so twice a year (every six months or so). You have to pay attention to your hair, and since you said your ends aren't that bad, then what would be the reason for the trim? Just let your hair grow uninterrupted if you want it to be long.
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    thanks that sounds like a good plan =]

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