Oily Hair... Want soft curls!

This is my first week doing the no shampoo thing.

Three nights ago, I decided to Deep Condition over night with the Love is in the Hair recipe. I used the full amount of extra-virgin olive oil with Silk Elements (no alcohol!) conditioner.
The next day at noon I rinsed it out, cleansed with conditioner, rinsed, then applied a little conditioner thinking that the more often I leave conditioner in, the more hydrated my hair will get.

My hair was SOOOO oily and almost matted-like. I gave it a few hours. That night I deep conditioned with a mixture of lemon juice and conditioner. After rinsing that out in the morning, my hair was just as oily, dull, and heavy as before. It just sat there looking limp and sick. So I soaked it in Apple Cider Vinegar. That made it a bit squeaky. But was still as lifeless and oily as before.

I finally shampooed it with a very diluted amount of shampoo. No success or difference. OK....

Then I was so frustrated and fed up that I applied full strength shampoo to it and massaged it in for at least 6 minutes.

It now looks a bit better, but is still retains a very noticable amount of oil.

What did I do wrong?

What can I do to get those soft, bouncy, vibrant curls?

I'll do just about anything... just not use any form of grease or fat on my hair!!!!!



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    I personally never use EVOO because I feel it's difficult to remove; because my hair is fine if I were to use it I'd only use a very small amount, like 1/2 a Tbsp., 1 at the most.

    I don't know what ingredients there are in the S.E., perhaps it already contains oils of its own so 4 T. of oil may have been way too much?

    I noticed that you said you just rinsed off with CO while in the book the instructions are to remove with a mixture of CO, lemon juice AND vinegar. This should be worked through the hair thoroughly, with a gentle massage and maybe left on for a few minutes to give it a chance to break down the oil. And, well, about adding extra CO, you also just learned that more is not always better.

    If you can grab hold of VO5's Kiwi & Lime Clarifying CO give it a try in the way I described above; if your hair detangles easily and feels very soft that would indicate the excess oil is gone. But after shampooing you've put yourself all over on "ground zero"...

    P.S. Jojoba and coconut oil may be better and easier to remove next time...
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    What do I do when my hair gets naturally oily? Conditioner does not seem to remove it.

    Do I just give my hair time to adjust to no shampoo and live with the oily hair?

    Also, is it possible to over-condition?
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    I have an oily scalp. I use only conditioner to wash with, and my hair and scalp are as clean as can be. The trick is to REALLY massage the scalp with the conditioner, not just rub it around lightly, but REALLY massage. I do it for a full 5 minutes, or until my arms get tired, whichever comes first.
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    Many people find that their scalp adjusts and becomes less oily after a couple of weeks on CG. In the meantime, massaging the scalp very firmly with conditioner helps a lot.

    Oil treatments are very individual. Some hair loves oil and some hair really hates it. Since your hair is somewhat oily to start with, I would stay away from added oils entirely.
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    And if you do want to use oil, find something besides olive oil, which is very heavy. I really like Jessicurl's oil mix of coconut, jojoba and avacado oil: /home/leaving?" class="Popup

    I use it often as a night-time treatment, but I only put it on the hair shaft (and only lightly at that), not on the scalp.