I want my curls back. Any advice?

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I wanted something to tame my tight curls. My cosmotologist girlfriend talked me into doing the Matrix Optismooth Heat method. That was over a year ago. I loved it in the beginning. Very smooth, easy to care for, tameable, no damage, healthy looking.
Now I want the curl back. I have about 5 months regrowth (which my hair is very slow growing so that means about 3-4 inches). I flatiron my roots but anyone have any ideas?
Does that curling shampoo do anything or is there such a thing?
Someone told me I cant do a perm because my hair would literally break off.


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    You might want to post this on the transitioning boards. But I heard from many people that Wash N Curl shampoos don't work.
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    I am in the exact same position as you, except I have 8 months since my thermal reconditioning and only 4 inches of new hair. I have alternated between flat ironing both the curly and straight parts and using a curling iron, but I haven't had much success reproducing my natural curls. I really want to just cut off all of the straight hair, but I'm afraid I wouldn't look so good with short curly hair (I had a traumatic hair cut at age 9 that gave me a "bowl" on my head).

    I too have thought about getting a perm, but you're right, it would just make the hair break right off.

    Please post if you get any ideas!
    What's working this week:
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    GF Sleek and Shine deep conditioner
    Styling: Tres Semme Naturals as leave in, L'Oreal Melting gel and HE SMU raked in, LOOB and AG Re:Coil scrunched in, Jojoba Oil scrunched in when totally dry
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