Chlorine and black hair...

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I used to have off black 3c curls that were dyed dark brown and then highlighted blonde/light brown with bleach.As it started to grow out, I decided that I did not want to continue with the light hair color because it wrecked ahvoc on my hair so I dyed my hair with Bigen haircolor (which is powder and water) to cover up everything.My hair is now an indigo/black,which I love.I have recently decided to join a gym with a pool and I was wondering if daily swimming would affect my haircolor?


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    It will not cause a big effect, as it does on blonde and lighter hair. What it might do is cause a bit of dullness and a lot of dryness, but your color is too dark for there to be a very noticible change. A good tip is to coat your hair with a leave-on conditioner before you go in the water. Better yet, top it all off with a swim cap. :)
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    after a while, the color does start to fade, especially if you dont take care of your hair

    ive been swimming for almost 3 years and i used to have black hair but now its dark brown. it probably wont be that noticeable though . just make sure your hair gets enough moisture and put in a deep conditioner under you swim cap.
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