What treatment is best for me?

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Hi. I have 2C/3A/3B frizz/poof-prone hair.
In its curly form, it pretty much sits on my shoulders.
I want to have less/no frizz and a looser curl pattern, but not a "straightener", really.
I want a wash-and-go type of look-- I don't want to have lifeless in-between hair that needs extra styling to look either curly or straight.
Should I try to get a treatment, and if so, which one?
2C roots, 3A/3B for the rest.
currently growing out... pulled down the longest part of hair is a little past the armpit.

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    I have a friend who swears by the brazilian blowout, it's not like the keratin treatment, it washes out in about 3 months, and leaves your curl pattern in tact, just removes the frizz. my mom uses the products and they work wonders for her hair
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    If you can afford it and have a stylist trained to do it, yeah, the BB sounds right. Michelle of this site had it done, and she kept her curls without frizz. Others have done it to get straighter to straight hair. A stylist with know-how will be able to decide how to do it to get it to the looseness you want, approximately, without frizz.

    It's about 200 bucks and it's not the BKT, so know the difference if you do it.
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