Hair Porn - Alex Kingston in Doctor Who Finale

Hey all you curly hair lovers! I have some hair porn (lol) that I really wanted to share but I can't think of anyone else who would understand except for you guys.
For those of you who have never heard of Doctor Who (a famous British science fiction show that started in the early 1960's), feel free to skip down to the bottom, where the pictures are. Fyi, Alex Kingston was also on the American show ER for 8 years, so you might recognize her from there.

I watched the two-part season finale of the 5th season of Doctor Who yesterday, and oh my goodness, Alex Kingston, as River Song, had GORGEOUS hair! This is her third appearance in Doctor Who, as she also appeared in the 4th season a couple of years ago with the 10th doctor, and she appeared in two 2-parters this season, one with the Weeping Angels and then the season finale.

I LOVE River Song. She's such a great character. So strong and FUNNY and she has wonderful chemistry with the doctor. She impressed me enough in the weeping angels episodes, but she was marvelous in the season finale. Actually, the whole season finale was wonderful. I can't wait till Christmas for the special!

But what really distracted me (in a good way!) was her hair. It was MARVELOUS. I mean that. She is one of the few actresses that makes her naturally curly locks a priority, and she hasn't straightened them for a role, even as she becomes more famous. I really respect that. But even better, her hair isn't "producty" in the way many movie stars try to make their curly locks to make them 'more presentable.' Her hair is so natural but SO beautiful. Frizz CAN be beautiful, I think she demonstrated that well in the season finale. I just loved how full and natural her hair looked.

Okay, her comes the hair porn! LOL I just took my own screenshots of the episodes, because I couldn't find any online.

Her elegant up-do in the beginning:

On the phone in the Tardis (see her big beautiful hair? :toothy9:):


Back view of her hair:

My favorite picture of all... she's holding a gun and being absolutely awesome, but see her hair? It's FULL of frizz, but in a good way, and it looks awesome, and natural, and she's not afraid to be on TV with it. That makes me so happy:


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    I couldn't upload all the pictures in one post. Here are the rest:


    Here's how her hair was styled in the weeping angels episodes.. much more controlled but still pretty... but in my opinion, I liked it MUCH better in the season finale:



    Also, the queen had great hair too. She was only in the beginning of the episode, but she had a lot of screentime in the 2nd episode of this season:



    Well, that's it! Sorry for the picture overload! =P
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    I love her and her hair!

    I used to love Andie McDowell's hair too. But then she started straightening it. :-(
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    I've always loved Alex's hair! Thanks for the porn :toothy9:
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    lol hair porn!
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    Back view of her hair:

    I never thought my hair was 'good' hair, but I'm pleasantly surprised how much this back view looks like mine from a year ago.
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    :lol: I adore her hair. I have to wait until tomorrow night in Aus for the second part of the season finale, but her curls were amazing in the first part.
    (Here is where I can't resist... "no spoilers!!!")

    I thought Alex's curls were a little too frizzy in the Weeping Angels story, so you can imagine how delighted I was to see them in the finale looking totally fabulous. Love it love it love it.
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    I love me some River Song. I prefer older companions, lol. I'd be happy with just some Sarah Jane and River Song.

    I miss the show on TV due to work, but I have the season on iTunes, lol.

    Kitschy, you guys do have very similar hair!

    I like how it looks good without being "perfect." I do wish that people would realize that you aren't always going to get rid of 100% of frizz, and that it's ok.
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    I love it.

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    I have always loved her hair because it looks so natural, including the frizz. She works it well! Thanks for posting about her!
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